Dilmer - Empty Handed (Chapter Fourteen)


Short chapter guys because I wanted it to finish the way it does at the end before I do a massive chapter of the visit from the grandparents! I hope you’re all well!

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So precious OMG

Warm Me Up - Dilmer Oneshot


for Kami because she has been asking me to write Dilmer phone sex for about a week straight now. enjoy Dilmer bitches.


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Chapter 17

After Isabella had let go of her, Demi looked up to hug Justin. He lifted her up and then span her around against her protest and kissed her cheek. She then moved to her best friend, whom she had seen just a few days ago and wrapped her arms around her. She felt a bump against her own…

Backstage of Seventeen Magazine photoshoot

Backstage of Seventeen Magazine photoshoot


The adorable Demi Lovato stopped by the office today! 

14 insanely specific demi lovato reaction GIFs (x)


Chapter 16

Day 9

She had had a terrible nightmare the night before. First it had taken her two hours to fall asleep. Then, around 4 am, she dreamed of Tyler’s comeback. In her nightmare, she was alone in the house, Wilmer had taken Isabella to school. Justin and Selena were on tour. She was…

Demi Lovato

 Style Evolution | Red Carpet

2010 - 2014

Love the life I live and I will live the life I love
Open up my eyes and I will take whatever comes
I’m chasing the sun


When i was little i never thought that eyebrows would ever be this important to me.